ovid-19 may have disrupted your customer research plans for 2020 and the start of 2021 however, having a strong customer research strategy is imperative to the success of your business. Knowing exactly what your customers think about your product or service, and the level of customer service they receive when interacting with your front-line teams, allows your business to identify your attention areas. Once you have identified what those areas are, you can develop your product or service and train your front-line teams to adopt a ‘Customer-First’ approach, resulting in higher sales from repeat business and recommendations.

There are several customer research methods that can complement your 2021 customer research strategy. The most effective is talking to your customers directly to obtain their feedback on different areas.

The customer feedback strategy with the highest response rate is Telephone Surveys, also known as CSI or CATI Surveys. With a 40-60% return on surveys completed against customers contacted, Telephone Surveys are a popular feedback method due to the volume and level of detailed feedback that can be obtained. Another customer feedback method is Online Surveys, also known as Voice of the Customer (VoC). The value of this research method is the volume of surveys that can be sent. Although there is no control over how many surveys are completed, the more surveys you send, the more feedback you will receive.

In addition to obtaining feedback from your current customers, you can also measure every touch point of your customer journey by replicating a real customer enquiry, to identify how well your front-line teams handle first time enquiries into your business. This research can be carried out using evidence-based Mystery Shopping and replicating any contact that a customer can have with your business. Mystery Shopping can be carried out face-2-face, virtually, via telephone or online, allowing every point of your customer journey to be replicated with evidenced based insight.

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