Telephone Surveys

Telephone surveys, also known as computer-assisted telephone interviews (CATI), are an effective technique for gathering detailed feedback from your current, past, or lost customers.

Telephone Surveys

Carrying out surveys via telephone enables a comprehensive review of customer feedback. In addition to yes/no and multiple-choice questions, telephone surveys can delve into each question in greater detail to understand the source of the customer’s observations on a particular subject.

Each telephone survey is custom developed for our clients, tailored to their research criteria and expectations for analysis and data output.

What is the value of Telephone Surveys for Customer Feedback?

Telephone surveys can be valuable for collecting customer feedback in various ways. Here are some specific advantages of using telephone surveys for this purpose:

1. Personal Interaction: Telephone surveys allow for direct and personal interaction between the interviewer and the customer. This can lead to a more engaging and responsive conversation, providing an opportunity to delve deeper into customer experiences and perceptions.

2. Clarification of Questions: If a customer has difficulty understanding a question, an interviewer can provide clarification and address any concerns in real-time. This helps ensure that respondents interpret questions correctly, reducing the likelihood of misunderstandings.

3. Complex Feedback: For businesses seeking more in-depth and nuanced feedback, telephone surveys can be advantageous. Interviewers can ask follow-up questions and explore specific issues in greater detail than a written survey might allow.

4. High Response Rates: While response rates for online surveys have declined over time, telephone surveys can still be higher compared to some other survey methods. This can contribute to a more representative sample of customer opinions.

5. Immediate Feedback: Telephone surveys provide a relatively quick turnaround for collecting and analysing customer feedback. This immediacy is especially beneficial when businesses need to respond promptly to customer concerns or make rapid improvements based on the feedback received.

6. Brand Perception: The personal touch of a telephone survey can positively influence a customer’s perception of a brand. A well-conducted telephone survey can make customers feel valued and heard, potentially enhancing their overall satisfaction with the brand.

7. Adaptability: Telephone surveys can be adapted to different customer segments or specific issues. The flexibility of a live interviewer allows for adjustments to the survey flow based on the responses received, making the survey more tailored to individual customer experiences.

csi surveys

Customer Satisfaction Surveys (CSI)

Telephone surveys with current customers can concentrate on feedback for various areas. Common topics include evaluating the level of customer service provided by your company, pricing points, and value for money. Another popular application of telephone surveys is in market research, gathering feedback from customers on the launch of a new product or service.

Past Customer Surveys

Telephone surveys with past customers are a valuable way to determine why a customer has discontinued using your product or service. Feedback may reveal whether it was due to poor customer service, no longer perceived value for money, or if they found a better solution elsewhere. Identifying this information is crucial for the longevity of your business, allowing you to focus on key areas affecting customer retention.

Lost sales surveys are a valuable tool for property developers looking to thrive in a highly competitive market

Lost Customer Surveys

Telephone surveys with lost customers provides powerful feedback for your sales and marketing team. While many businesses measure footfall or enquiries, understanding why these do not convert into actual customers is equally important. Conducting telephone surveys with prospective customers may reveal insights into potential issues, such as product or service quality, pricing concerns, or the level of knowledge and service provided by the salesperson. The telephone interviews can also establish if the customer is still in the market and try to re-engage them with your brand.

“I have been working with the My View Research team for over three year and they manage a number of telephone surveys for us. It is crucial for us that the telephone researchers come across as professional, knowledgeable, interested and caring – our customers must see these calls as a positive part of our service which matches our own brand values. I have been very impressed with My View Research; they are lovely people to work with and have handled every new task (however complex) very professionally. We have worked together to improve the quality of feedback and they achieve very good response rates and excellent depth of detail in their survey responses. I have recently recommended them to another part of the business and I have total confidence in them providing the service needed.”

Suzanne Vickery | Customer Experience Project Manager , Knight Frank

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