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In addition to our core team below, we have an ever-increasing panel of mystery shoppers, field, and telephone researchers that are assigned to specific research programmes, based on the required profile and experience.

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Madelaine Cook

With over 18 years’ experience within the market research industry, Madelaine has a wealth of knowledge with designing bespoke customer and market research programmes, across a wide range of industries, for some of the worlds most recognised brands. As well as being our Founder & CEO, Madelaine still plays an active role as a Research Consultant to allow our clients to utilise her knowledge and expertise when designing their bespoke market research programmes.

Project Managers

Kelly Barnes

Project Manager

Samantha Newsom

Project Manager

Sammy Steward

Project Manager

Devon Wells

Project Manager

Project Administrators

Tamara Hulse

Project Administrator

Elena Jones

Apprentice Project Administrator

Management Team

Madelaine Cook

Managing Director

Crystal Campbell

Head of Operations

John Fieldhouse

Head of Commercial & Finance

Sarah Nation

Head of Design & Marketing



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