Brand Research

How do your customers perceive your brand?

First impressions of your brand contribute notably to your customer’s experience.

Most customers don’t realise that many businesses are franchised and not owned directly by the manufacturer or brand owner. Some examples of this are car dealers, who are typically owned by a dealer group and franchise the brands from each manufacturer, as well as some coffee chains and fast-food outlets such as Starbucks and McDonalds.

If a customer isn’t happy with the level of service or cleanliness of a location, this negative view can reflect on the manufacturer or brand owner, rather than the franchisee. Conducting regular onsite brand standards audits or brand compliance audits will ensure that each of your franchisees are adhering to your brands standards.

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Get in touch

With a bespoke brand research programme, consisting of brand perception surveys or onsite brand standards audits, you can identify how each of your business locations are adhering to your brand standards. Talk to one our Research Consultants today to find out how we can design a brand research strategy for your business.

Why My View?

How many times do you hear someone say, “In my view…”

Everyone has an opinion or a view, especially your customers. Conducting brand research to ensure your franchisees are providing a positive reflection of your brand is key to your customer’s experience. Talk to one our Research Consultants today to find out how we can design a bespoke brand research strategy for your business.

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Reporting Platform

Reporting Platform

Our online reporting platform and app allows for clear insight and analysis into each element of the research programme; permitting all stake holders to drill down into hierarchical, historical and geographical data.