Call Grading

Monitoring inbound calls is a crucial practise for businesses wanting to enhance customer satisfaction!

What is Call Grading?

Also known as call scoring, call grading refers to the process of evaluating and assigning a numerical score to phone conversations or interactions between individuals, typically in a customer service or sales context. This scoring system is designed to assess the quality of these interactions based on predetermined criteria and guidelines..

The value of monitoring your inbound calls:

Monitoring inbound calls is a crucial practise for businesses wanting to enhance customer satisfaction, improve processes and drive overall success. Measuring how your inbound calls are handled will identify exactly how your front-lines teams are interacting with your customers, or potential customers.

Evaluating the customer service provided during each customer interaction, in addition to measuring areas such as first-time response, swift resolution and process compliance, provides an invaluable training tool for the ongoing support and development of your call handling agents.

How we measure call handling:

The starting point for any research program is to identify the guidelines and criteria that we are going to be scoring against. What exactly is it that you are wanting to measure and what insight do you want to come out of this research?

Once the scope of the research has been designed we will agree the delivery, with regards to the frequency and volume of calls to grade, followed by regular analysis to use as a training and development tool.

call scoring for great customer service

My View Research started listening to recorded calls and assessing them against our customer experience and process criteria in March ‘21. Three months into the programme we are really impressed with the work they are doing; they have been efficient and professional, completing the monthly allocation of 100 calls on time, and providing me with the data and Power Point presentations so that I can share their findings with the business’ leaders quickly. Their work is invaluable and has enabled us to design new guidelines and training to enhance our teams’ call handling skills. The team have provided great insight and made valuable recommendations to improve our criteria, and is always flexible and helpful when we need to make changes.

As always they are a pleasure to work with, and a totally trustworthy service provider.

Suzanne Vickery | Customer Experience Project Manager , Knight Frank

Talk to our team to find out how we can design a bespoke Call Grading programme for your business that will give you the insight you need for the training and developments of your front-line teams.

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