Are you offering virtual appointments to your customers?

With the news of a second lockdown, many businesses are continuing to find ways to adapt how they offer their services to customers so that they can continue trading throughout the pandemic. Many car manufacturers and dealer groups have evolved to be able to offer virtual appointments for customers who are interested in a vehicle, [...]

Have you read your reviews lately?

Did you know that 61% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase?   Today's reviews are more influential than ever, so it is even more important for reviews to be positive and those that aren’t positive, need to be addressed quickly. If someone has had a bad experience with a product or a service [...]

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The value of online reviews

Why do we need reviews? Reviews are important. They give you real people's opinions on how something works or what it does that gives the consumer real value. A company website or product info will give you an overview but how something feels or works in real terms is so valuable. On many sites the [...]

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How was your week?

So how was your week?   Well we can tell you exactly how it was by looking at your reviews left by your customers and employees. Have you been able to do this yet? Do you need some help?   At My View Research we want to help businesses understand their reputation and the way that customers [...]

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Is it time to focus on your employees?

Much of business tends to focus on your customers to drive sales forward but is it now time to focus on your team? Whilst we are still adjusting to the new normal as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, businesses are beginning to feel the impact. Some have already had to make difficult decisions at the start [...]

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Ever wonder what people are saying about you?

N o-one has eyes everywhere overseeing every element of your business. You can only control so much of what customers see, hear or think about your brand. How about I tell you I could help ease some of that worry and make life easier for you? Online Review Management is a tool designed to [...]

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My View Research

This year has been challenging for all businesses, however, we have worked incredibly hard to make sure that we can service our clients and support them with all of their business needs and requirements during these unprecedented times. During lock-down we were given the gift of time. Time to reflect and think about where [...]

What is an Employee Feedback Panel?

At My View Research, we offer businesses the chance to develop through engagement with their staff via employee panels. Your team are asked a series of questions relating to the company and we collate the results into meaningful analysis and outcomes. What does an employee panel do for your business and who will benefit? Is [...]

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Power of Panels

Why should businesses carry out customer panels? Customer Panels are a great approach to gathering in depth research from your prospective or current customers. You may be launching a new product or service and need to carry out market research, or you may wish to gather insight from your current customers on the level of [...]

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