Hospitality Industry Achieves Highest NPS Score for 2020!

S eeing as the Hospitality Industry was shut down for most of 2020 and early 2021, these scores are surprising. However, it does show that with the small amount of customer research we were able to carry out, the Hospitality Industry did their best to go above and beyond in the short windows of opportunity [...]

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Call Grading Programme

H ow do you know your customers are getting a good level of service when they’re on the phone to your front-line team? Do you have the message ‘All of our calls are recorded for quality and training purposes’ on your live customer calls? What do you do with those calls? Many businesses are [...]

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How well are your team handling Virtual Appointments with your customers?

T he first lockdown forced many businesses to look at the way they communicate with each other and their customers, which saw the rise of virtual meetings through platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Now that we are in lockdown 3.0, this way of communicating has become so normal that it is difficult to image [...]

Internal Compliance Audits for Covid-19

With all new rules and regulations in place for all companies, owners and individuals for work and personal life, there is so much to remember and do to make you “COVID Safe”. All businesses in all industries now have to prove they have taken the measures laid out by the government to be COVID-19 [...]

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Online Mystery Shopping

The shopping landscape has changed perhaps forever. If you cannot order it and find out how it works online, then your product or service will become redundant. This is all about the customer experience on your website. Perhaps before it was just a place where you add items or a service to a basket, [...]

Moving forward in business post Covid

Adapting business with ever changing restrictions and shifting landscape. What is the new normal? How can we recover economically post COVID-19? Will we ever be post COVID-19? Feels like we are stuck in some kind alternate reality or Groundhog Day. We know there were some heavy causalities after the first lockdown with the hospitality, and [...]

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Are physical car dealer premises still necessary?

With the rise of online car buying platforms like Haycar and Cazoo, it raises the question if the current model of physical dealer premises will soon become an element of the past. The short answer to that question, is no. Market research consultancy, My View Research, carried out an independent study into consumer car [...]

What are the reasons for Market Research

Market Research We have all come across the term market research before. The most visible kind of research is mystery shopping or people on the high street with tablets asking questions. It can also happen over the phone or online but if you’re a business, how do you identify whether it's appropriate for you? Why [...]

Are you offering virtual appointments to your customers?

With the news of a second lockdown, many businesses are continuing to find ways to adapt how they offer their services to customers so that they can continue trading throughout the pandemic. Many car manufacturers and dealer groups have evolved to be able to offer virtual appointments for customers who are interested in a vehicle, [...]

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