Brand Standards Audits

Frequently measure your retail or brand standards with onsite compliance audits.

First impressions of your brand contribute notably to your customer’s experience. At My View Research we have two solutions that can support with measuring compliance against your brand or retail standards:

Online Internal Audits

With our ‘Create Instant Audit’ online tool we offer a self-service solution specifically designed to meet the needs of internal audits. End-client users are able to instantly create and self-assign internal safety and compliance audits on-demand. Auditors with specific security permissions can also delegate internal inspections to other employees in the company. All completed audits are uploaded immediately to our online reporting portal for management to review.

Mystery Shopping Programmes
Benefits of mystery shopping

Onsite Compliance Audits

At My View Research we have a team of auditors that can identify focal points within your business that require attention, based on your brands standards. Areas of focus can range from general housekeeping conditions, the correct marketing material being in place, through to health and safety compliance.

All audits are carried out using an electronic tablet to allow for immediate feedback once the audit has taken place. All areas of identified non-compliance will be accompanied by photographic evidence and an action plan functionality to detail how non-compliant areas will be changed to compliant.

Brands we work with

By partnering with us, our clients embark on a journey of cultural transformation that fosters loyalty, drives innovation, and ultimately propels their business towards sustainable success in today’s customer-driven landscape.

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