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Can I supply a third-party agency with our customers data to carry out online or telephone customer satisfaction surveys?2020-03-19T12:49:49+00:00

Under the GDPR, you are able to supply a third-party agency with your customers data, as long as you have received permission from those customers for their data to be passed on for customer survey purposes.

How do customer panels work?2020-03-19T12:50:49+00:00

Customer panels, also known as focus groups, can take place either online, in a group with a maximum of 10 delegates, or on a one-2-one basis with your customers. Depending on your required data output, our team will design a bespoke customer panel that will fulfil your research requirements.

What information do you need to carry out onsite audits?2023-05-03T11:14:48+01:00

To be able to carry out an onsite retail or brand standards audit on your locations, we will need a copy of your brand and/or retail guidelines. Most retail locations have set criteria that they have to adhere to within their showroom. The purposes of a brand standards audit is to establish compliance or non-compliance against your brand or retail guidelines.

Do you offer Training2020-03-19T12:52:58+00:00

Yes, we offer training that links directly with the data derived from your customer research programme. Our ‘Customer-First’ training programmes are designed to empower your team to become your brand ambassadors.

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