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Allowing your customers to provide feedback on their experience with your business is invaluable to the development of your team, products, and service levels. The ease of the ability to provide this feedback is essential to promoting a high level of interaction with your feedback methods. The more feedback you receive, the more impactful the data insight, which will support with creating a ‘Customer-First’ culture within your business.

Customer Service Feedback

Why Rate My Service?

Every customer that your front-line team members communicate with is an opportunity to obtain feedback, based on their interaction or purchase from your business. On average, 205.6 billion emails are sent across the globe every day*, with email still remaining the leading communication tool for businesses**. 

Rate My Service

How does it work?

The number of customers that your front-line team communicate with via email on a daily basis, is the number of opportunities that your business has to obtain customer feedback.

Including a branded link on the bottom of your email signature provides an instant feedback tool for your customers, allowing them to provide current feedback via an easy-to-use link that takes them to a short online survey. Your front-line team can encourage customers to complete the survey by directing them to the link within their email signature.

The online survey will be designed to capture relevant feedback for your business, and different surveys can be set-up based on the requirements of different departments. In addition to a small set-up fee, you will only be charged for the number of feedback surveys that have been completed during each month.

*According to an article by ** According to an article by

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