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We are committed to providing our clients with essential evidence and tools for a successful transition to a ‘Customer-First’ culture. Placing customers at the core of every decision and interaction is crucial to drive business growth and boost customer satisfaction.

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Designing and delivering bespoke research solutions since January 2020

Our Research Solutions

We deliver comprehensive insights into customer and employee preferences, behaviours, and expectations through meticulous research, data analysis, and industry expertise. With this knowledge, we create customised strategies empowering our clients to prioritise their customers and employees across the organisation.

Become a mystery shopper

Mystery Shopping Solutions

Replicate and measure your customer journey via every touch point into your business. Head over to our sister brand My Mystery Shopper and talk to our team about creating a bespoke mystery shopping programme for your business.


Create an Effortless Customer-First Experience

Take your research one step further and turn insight into action. Talk to our consultants at My Customers First to see how we can implement ‘The Customer-First Experience’ with your front-line teams.

Brands we work with

By partnering with us, our clients embark on a journey of cultural transformation that fosters loyalty, drives innovation, and ultimately propels their business towards sustainable success in today’s customer-driven landscape.

Why choose My View Research?


Senior management team have over 30 years’ experience creating bespoke research programmes.

Low Carbon Footprint
Our team work remotely and we use local researchers to complete assignments, reducing our need to travel.

Reporting Portal
Access to research insight and analysis in one location.

Reporting App
Instant access to results while you are on the move.

Research Panel
Our own panel of researchers with a range of demographics who can participate in research studies.