Multi-Channel Research Agency

Multi-Channel Research Agency

Feedback and insight solutions via customer, employee, brand and market research, using both quantitative and qualitative research methods.

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Over 30 years’ experience designing and delivering bespoke research programmes as well as analysing the data output to identify our clients’ strengths and focus areas.

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Customer Research

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Market Research

Become a mystery shopper

Want to become a mystery shopper?

Find out all you need to know!

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Supporting your business with creating an Effortless Customer-First Experience

My Customers First empowers your frontline teams to become Customer-First Ambassadors.

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Why choose My View Research?


Senior management team have over 30 years’ experience creating bespoke research programmes.

Low Carbon Footprint
Our team work remotely and we use local researchers to complete assignments, reducing our need to travel.

Reporting Portal
Access to research insight and analysis in one location.

Reporting App
Instant access to results while you are on the move.

Research Panel
Our own panel of researchers with a range of demographics who can participate in research studies.

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