Product testing, also called consumer testing or comparative testing, is a process of measuring the properties or performance of products. Product testing is any process by means of which a researcher measures a product’s performance, safety, quality and price point.

Product testing seeks to ensure that consumers can understand what products will do for them and which products are the best value.

Including market research into your product development allows you to identify and solve any upfront issues before you launch. At the very least, it’s advantageous to test your product on your intended target audience to get their feedback before going to market.

It doesn’t matter what type of product you’re launching, from software, to consumables like food or toiletries, to electronic appliances, what matters is that you are gathering feedback from a small selection of your target audience to find out what they really think.

Insights gathered from product testing market research will help you make informed decisions on any changes you should make before you launch your product. Feedback during the early concept or prototype phase can support with refining your design, ease of use or your intended pricing point.

If you would like your target audience to consist of individuals who have no connection with your business, you will need to select a market research consultancy that has their own research panel. At My View Research we have a panel of over 700 participants who can take part in product testing, based on your required participant demographic.

Talk to one of our Research Consultants to explore how we can create a bespoke product testing method for your business.