Online Review Management

What are your customers saying about you?


s with all things nowadays, everything you’ve done, seen or experienced is all posted online for the world to see. Have you ever stopped to think about what your customers are thinking about you?

The impact of a single negative online review will cost your business money by someone reading it and choosing a different supplier for their professional or personal needs. The impact of of a single COVID-19 review could be far worse and could cost you your business and on the flip side the impact of a positive review will generate you more customers and subsequently more revenue.

Social Reputation

What is your Online Review Score?

Online Review Management is the process of tracking, monitoring and ultimately eliminating negative online material about your brand but also giving you tools to shout about the positive service. If done properly, your online reviews build your credibility to customers, which strengthens their trust in your brand.  

With our Online Review Management tool, we have created a simplistic way to see what your customers say about you and to help you protect your business, your name and your brand from any lasting damage.

Plus it’s always a boost to see and shout about any positive reviews you have received as soon as they come in so feedback is always relevant. Everyone generally focuses more on the negative but let’s remember how much positive there is out there and make sure you tell the world how great you are!

Keeping track of how your customers are portraying you online is crucial to developing your customer experience strategy. Knowing what people think and what experience they have received will provide valuable and actionable feedback for your business.

The challenge with tracking your online feedback, is having the time to go through each platform and read through and respond to all the feedback that has been left by your customers. So, wouldn’t it be ideal if all this information was available for you to access in one place?

Online Review Management is a tool that allows you to sync your Facebook, Google & Trustpilot review accounts into one place and see how your business is being scored for the world to see.

Online Review Management

How does it work?

Easy! We sync your Facebook, Google & Trustpilot review pages into our Online Review Management tool and you will let us know all the locations you’d like to see and we’ll give you the insight right at your fingertips.

You’ll be able to see your ‘Online Reviews Score’ as an average star rating across all your locations. Digging into this score, you’ll easily be able to see your top 5 and bottom 5 locations reviews.

Topic Extraction

To save you even more time there is ‘topic’ extraction which finds all reviews with the same topical keyword linked to it and provide you with an overview of the positive, neutral and negative results. If you have a consistent topical keyword that is showing as a weakness, you can quickly identify where there is an issue and create a plan to remedy the problem to prevent any further negative reviews. You can also use the tool to take you to each review across each platform (Google, Facebook or Trustpilot) and respond quickly.


With COVD-19 being at the forefront of everyone’s minds the Online Review Management tool will also extract any feedback mentioning the words; Health, Safety, COVID and Pandemic which will allow you to keep an eye on proceedings in each location if there is any mention of processes not being followed or exceptional service or delivery amid the pandemic.

What do I need to do?

We aim to take the pain away from keeping on top of your reviews, all you need to do is respond to your feedback and help increase your customer retention.


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