Organising regular employee satisfaction surveys can identify how your team feel about working for your business and highlight actionable areas for improvement.

Staff satisfaction is key to retaining loyalty and decreasing your staff turnover. Your team can often be vocal to each other about areas they may not be happy with, but capturing that information and turning it into constructive feedback is vital to the success of your business. Employee satisfaction also greatly effects customer satisfaction.

If your team are not happy, your customers will know about it.

At My View Research we regularly carry out employee satisfaction surveys via virtual one-2-one meetings, telephone interviews or via online surveys.

The method for your employee surveys will be determined by your data output requirements, with regards to volume of responses, and the level of detail that you would like to achieve.

All of our employee feedback programmes are supported by in-depth analysis, as well as the individual survey data being hosted on our online reporting portal.

Talk to one of our Research Consultants to find out how we can develop a bespoke Employee Feedback Survey for your business and unlock valuable insight from your team.