Employee panels are a great approach to gathering in-depth research from your team. Whether you are going through a company restructure and looking for employee feedback, or you want to get feedback from your team on their level of employee satisfaction, feedback panels are beneficial to establishing detailed input from your team that can create actionable insights for your business.

Employee panels can be carried out in a number of different ways to best suit the requirements of the data output and discussion topic:



Online Panels

Also known as virtual panels, online panels are a cost-effective way of reaching a desirable number of participants in a short time frame. You can schedule a number of short online panels within one day, asking multiple participants to register to specific time slots. The insight can then be gathered and processed immediately after each session.



Focus Groups

Focus groups typically concentrate on a maximum of 10 participants attending a 60-minute session. The host of the panel will engage the participants in different discussion topics, to gather the required insight and feedback. An analysis report will be complied following completion of the overall number of panels required.



One-2-One Panels

One-2-one panels are 30-45-minute individual face-2-face interviews with a select number of participants. This form of panel is a great way to gather in depth insight from the participant, based on the feedback that they provide to each discussion topic. A detailed analysis report can be complied per participant, or per group of participants taking part in a number of panels.

Employee Panels

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