What are CAPI surveys and How do they work?

This method of data collection involves using a computer to assist with personal interviews, and it can offer a range of benefits. We’re here to help explore what CAPI surveys are, how they work, and why they might be a good choice for your research project. 

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What is CAPI and how does it work?

CAPI stands for computer-assisted personal interviewing, which is a method of data collection that involves using a computer to assist with personal interviews. Our telephone researchers will use a tablet or laptop to ask questions and record responses, which are immediately entered into a database. This method can help to reduce errors and increase efficiency in data collection, as well as provide real-time data analysis. CAPI surveys can be conducted in person or remotely, making them a versatile option.

Advantages of CAPI surveys.

There are several advantages to using CAPI surveys for data collection. First, the use of a computer can help to reduce errors in data entry, as responses are immediately recorded and stored electronically. This can also help to increase the speed and efficiency of data collection, as our telephone researchers can easily navigate through the survey and skip questions that are not applicable. Additionally, CAPI surveys can provide real-time data analysis, allowing us to quickly identify trends and patterns in the data. Finally, CAPI surveys can be conducted in person or remotely, making them a versatile option for our researchers who need to collect data in a variety of settings.

Types of questions that can be asked in CAPI surveys.

CAPI surveys allow for a wide range of question types, including multiple choice, open-ended, ranking, and rating questions. These surveys can also include multimedia elements, such as images and videos, to enhance the respondent’s understanding of the question. Additionally, CAPI surveys can include skip patterns and branching logic, which allows us to tailor the survey to the respondent’s specific answers. This flexibility in question types and survey design makes CAPI surveys a powerful tool for collecting accurate and comprehensive data.

How we conduct successful CAPI surveys to help ensure your survey is effective.

Conducting successful CAPI surveys requires careful planning and execution.

1. Use trained experienced Telephone Researchers: Our researchers are well-trained on the survey questions and how to use the CAPI software.

2. Keep it short: Long surveys can lead to respondent fatigue and lower response rates. We keep your survey as short as possible while still collecting the necessary data.

3. Test your survey: Before launching your survey, we test it with a small group of respondents to identify any issues or confusing questions.

4. Use skip patterns and branching logic: We take advantage of the flexibility of CAPI surveys by using skip patterns and branching logic to tailor the survey to each respondent.

5. Consider the environment: Our telephone researchers make sure the interview environment is quiet and free from distractions to help respondents focus on the survey questions.

By using these methods we increase the accuracy and completeness of your survey data and ensure a successful CAPI survey.

Examples of industries that can benefit from CAPI surveys.

CAPI surveys can be beneficial for a variety of industries including:

  • Retail: can use CAPI surveys to gather data on consumer preferences and behavior.
  • Healthcare providers: can use CAPI surveys to collect patient information and track health outcomes.
  • Educational institutions: can use CAPI surveys to assess student performance and gather feedback on programs.
  • Government agencies: can use CAPI surveys to gather data on public opinion and track policy effectiveness.

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