Regardless of which industry you are in, customer feedback is invaluable to the development of your team and your business. Getting this feedback immediately, to allow you to make real time change, is even more valuable.

After transacting with a customer, feedback ideally needs to be gathered within the next 7 days for the information to be effective. Based on the thousands of surveys that we carry out on behalf of our clients on an annual basis, we find that we gain more in-depth feedback from individuals within 7 days of the date of their transaction, than we do after that 7 day period. The longer the timeframe between transaction and gathering feedback, the less information individuals can retain to pass on for feedback and research purposes.

Whilst many companies carry out online customer satisfaction surveys, telephone surveys are a more in-depth way of gathering as much information as possible within a short time frame. Rather than the customer just being able to answer yes or no to a question, our team of telephone researchers are trained to extract as much information as possible, establishing why they have scored a question in a particular way. Having a mixture of yes/no data analysis and written verbatim allows for in depth reporting and feedback to provide to individuals within your business and to make the changes needed within a short timeframe.

At My View we carry out many telephone customer satisfaction surveys and we have the expertise to design a customer survey bespoke for the needs of your business. The survey could be for customer research or market research purposes, either way, the level of information gathered and the speed of delivery of the feedback is crucial to the value of the data output.

How useful would it be to your business if you received detailed feedback from your customers in less than 10 days from the date of their transaction? If you would like to explore how we can create a market research or customer satisfaction telephone survey for your business, please contact us and a member of our team will be in touch.


Madelaine Cook

CEO & Founder

My View Limited