Voice of the Customer Surveys

Voice of the Customer (VoC) surveys are a market research technique designed to establish verbatim feedback from current, past or lost customers. This questionnaire and written style of survey allows for an in-depth analysis into the feedback provided, identifying keys areas of focus for your business.



VoC Surveys

Voice of the Customer Surveys are the best way to target a large audience to establish key trends and feedback, on how well you deliver your product or service to the end-user. With these surveys you are able to clearly define your audience demographic for each particular survey type.

Voice of the Customer surveys typically consist of both qualitative and quantitative research steps. These surveys can be used during your customers lifecycle, to better understand their wants and needs, after a sale has been completed, to gather feedback, or prior to the launch of a new product or service to obtain key input from your target audience.

Each Voice of the Customer survey is developed bespoke for each of our clients, based on their research criteria and expectation of the analysis and data output.

Talk to our team to find out how we can develop a bespoke VoC survey for your business and unlock valuable insight from your customers.

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