Does your sports team monitor their performance so they can improve?

If you want to improve at something in life, you can bet that in most cases you will need to measure it, keep accurate records of it and use the information to ensure that you are making some progress regarding improvements.

As anybody who is remotely connected to any sport will know, training, accurate assessment, and evidence-based improvements are the norm. Most football players train regularly, receive feedback, and study their own progress to allow them to set personal goals. Professional cyclists track everything they do. Many amateur cyclists keep a diary or use sophisticated apps such as ‘Strava’, where millions of cyclists monitor everything they do and use that information to improve.

So why do all of these sectors, both professional and amateur, take all this time and trouble to constantly track performance and use that data to improve?

To relate this to sales industry, as an example, if you or your team were in car sales, retail or property sales, how much would your sales or customer service skills improve if you were regularly monitored, provided feedback and set personal goals?

My View Research conducts mystery shopping for many national and international brands. This is done through both report based mystery shopping, covert video mystery shopping, telephone mystery shopping or online mystery shopping. Any way that a customer can interact with your brand, can be replicated into a mystery shop enquiry.

Many companies are still very hesitant about mystery shopping as a form training and development. But why? Would a sports professional say to their manager ‘I don’t like to be monitored or have my performance scrutinised’, if you came across a sports professional that adopted that way of thinking, do you think they would be a winner? Of course not!

team work

Your company needs winners. To become a winner, measurement, coaching, and development needs to be a regular and standard accepted part of the job!

It needs to be looked upon in exactly the same way as the sports sector. If a company has a sales team who don’t buy into mystery shopping, or any other form of performance measurement, but they follow a football team, what do they do? Their football team train each week, monitor their performance, and use feedback to improve so they can play better next time and hopefully win! Funny that!

Let My View Research develop a bespoke mystery shopping programme for your business. If you are conducting mystery shopping already, let My View Research review your programme to see how it can be improved to develop ‘winners’ and perhaps save you some money in the process.

Oh, and if you’re a keen Cyclist, head to the Isle of Wight on September 11th (2022) where stage eight of ‘The Tour of Britain’ will be taking place.