With all new rules and regulations in place for all companies, owners and individuals for work and personal life, there is so much to remember and do to make you “COVID Safe”.

All businesses in all industries now have to prove they have taken the measures laid out by the government to be COVID-19 secure and safe to ensure they can remain operational and avoid any unforeseen closures.

The team at My View Research wanted to offer businesses a helping hand getting back on their feet and prepared before, during and after reopening to customers. We want to make it easy, efficient and as cost effective as possible for businesses to provide the evidence that they have met these requirements.

COVID-19 internal compliance audits provide your employees the tools to evaluate internal safety and compliance either online, or via a mobile platform.

The findings from these audits are reported in a checklist format, providing easy identification of operational weaknesses to be improved by auto-generated action plans. The findings also include visual proof of the audits, such as photo and video attachments.

You can complete as many audits a day, for as many departments in your business as necessary. For example, in the hospitality industry you may have meet & greet audits, front of house audits, bar/restaurant audits, kitchen audits – any many more. There is no maximum audit. If it ensures yours and your customers safety, it’s worth checking.

Using our Compliance audit system, at the point of launch, you can choose to have support from the team at My View Research in setting up audits and allocating or being completely self-sufficient and managing this entirely yourself from your app.

Create Instant Audit is a self-service solution specially designed to meet your needs. This tool allows both the reporting and assignment/completion process to be performed within the same platform.

Everything to say your business is COVID-19 checked and compliant can be loaded into one place for anyone to see.

If you choose the team at My View Research to manage your audits for you, costs will start at £22 per completed audit. If you have people in-house that would manage the allocation and set-up then audits start at £14 per completed audit.

The amount you can complete per day is not capped and is bespoke to how often the audits need to be carried out within your business and making life a little bit easier to your businesses needs and requirements.

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