Internal Compliance Audits

Our COVID-19 internal compliance and safety audits support businesses with being operationally prepared before, during and after reopening to customers. Every business has to respond to major changes caused by COVID-19, as well as adapting by shifting focus from “service excellence”, to “excellence in service with a focus on health and safety”. 

Covid-19 Internal Compliance Audits

What is it?

COVID-19 internal compliance audits require your employees to evaluate internal safety and compliance either online, or via a mobile platform. The findings from these audits are reported in a checklist format, providing easy identification of operational weaknesses to be improved by auto-generated action plans. The findings also include visual proof of the audits, such as photo and video attachments.

These audits can be completed and submitted quickly, efficiently and accurately using a simple app on an iPad, tablet or phone.

As operational and customer service standards evolve to include many new safety-related topics, it is now more important than ever to educate your team about your health and safety measures and their implications. You can also recognize those that go above and beyond to carry out the mission of your brand.

Covid-19 Internal Compliance Audits

How does it work?

Using our Compliance audit system, at the point of launch, you can choose to have support from the team at My View Research in setting up audits and allocating or being completely self-sufficient and managing this entirely yourself from your app.

Create Instant Audit is a self-service solution specially designed to meet your needs. This tool allows both the reporting and assignment/completion process to be performed within the same platform.

Our team of project managers will develop an audit layout with you and assign it to you and/or your teams to complete. You can then replicate this survey and assign it to each ‘auditor’ within your business as many times as you need a day, a week or a month to support your compliance.

Everything to say your business is COVID-19 checked and compliant can be loaded into one place for anyone to see.

What do I need to do?

To be able to set this up we will need to know whether you’d want to set up and allocate your own audits or whether you would need support setting these up.

Agree what checks need to be in place daily, which checks need photographic evidence and who will be your dedicated ‘COVID-19 Compliance Auditor’ in each location.

Contact us now to find out more and receive a demonstration of this tool.

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