So how was your week?  

Well we can tell you exactly how it was by looking at your reviews left by your customers and employees. Have you been able to do this yet? Do you need some help? 

 At My View Research we want to help businesses understand their reputation and the way that customers perceive them and we’ve now got the perfect solution to make life so much easier! 

Our Online Reputation Management tool is a proactive system to help you see any praise, any areas of improvement and any COVID-19 related feedback that has been left for any of your locations.  

This system helps businesses easily see and respond to any and all feedback left rather than having to log into each of your Facebook, Google and Trustpilot pages and trawl through each. Now you can see them in one centralised location. 

Using this system, you can also see how your competitors are performing and benchmark your business against them.
You’ll be able to understand where your competitors are falling down so you can make sure you don’t and also learn what customers like about the best practises of competitors and introduce into your business to make your offering more appealing. 

This tool will save you time, allow you to respond to customers quicker, direct you to areas of focus for improvements and be more proactive rather than reactive using live feedback and suggestions!  

Click here to find out more about this fantastic product and how it can make a difference to your business, your brand and to you. 


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