o-one has eyes everywhere overseeing every element of your business. You can only control so much of what customers see, hear or think about your brand.

How about I tell you I could help ease some of that worry and make life easier for you?

Online Review Management is a tool designed to make your job easier. This tool has been built to combine your Facebook, Google & Trustpilot review pages into the system and it will pull out all your reviews.

It will show you reviews which are good, average, bad and now, COVID based. All in one place. Amazing huh?

Our Online Review Management tool allows you to track, monitor and ultimately eliminate any negative social media material about your brand but also gives you tools to shout about the positive service. If done properly, online reviews build your credibility to customers, which, in turn strengthens their trust in your brand.  


What is an Online Review Score?

The challenge with tracking your online feedback, is having the time to go through each platform and read through and respond to all the feedback that has been left by your customers.

Online Review Management is a tool that allows you to sync your Facebook, Google & Trustpilot review accounts into one place and see how your business is being scored.

To save you even more time, there is ‘topic’ extraction which finds all reviews with the same keyword linked to it and provide you with an overview of the positive, neutral and negative reviews. If you have a consistent topical keyword that is showing as a weakness, then you can quickly and easily understand where there is an issue and create a plan to remedy the problem to prevent any further negative reviews.


This tool will save you time, allow you to respond to customers quicker, direct you to areas of focus for improvements and be more proactive rather than reactive!


How much will this cost I hear you say? Well that’s the cherry on top of this rather perfect cake. Starting at just £130 per month (depending on how many locations you’d like to see) how could you not want this?


If you aren’t picking up the phone and calling the My View Research team right now, then head to our website here to find out more about this fantastic product and how it can make a difference to your business, your brand and to you.


Then, give us a call. We’ll be here.