What is your Customer Effort Score?

Customer effort is becoming increasing popular as a research metric, even more so than NPS or CSAT. With the likes of businesses like Amazon and Deliveroo providing an instant, effortless experience, consumers are more likely to purchase from businesses who offer an effortless customer journey.

Measuring your customer effort score will allow you to understand any pain points where a customer can interact with your front-line teams.

Focus Group Discussion

How effortless is your customer journey?

Do your front-line teams engage in conversation and qualify your customers, or simply answer their questions, leaving the customer to drive the sales process? If a team member agrees to follow-up with some information or a quote, is this provided, or do your customers have to chase for what they asked for? If the customer is doing the work and putting the effort into interacting with your business, your front-line team are not delivering an effortless customer-first experience.

At My View Research we are working with well known brands to measure their customer effort score and with our sister brand My Customers First, designing bespoke workshops to empower their front-line teams to create a customer-first culture and deliver an effortless customer experience.

Customer-First Ambassadors

My Customers First has been designed to create Customer-First Ambassadors within your business. Through workshop style learning, your front-line teams will understand what it means to deliver an effortless customer journey and how it impacts the customer experience when they don’t. The workshops will empower your team to want to create a customer-first culture, which will positively impact customer satisfaction, retention, and recommendations.

To find out more about how this works and the brands that we work with, visit our website here or speak to one of our Research Consultants to find out how we can support your business with creating a customer-first culture that delivers an effortless customer experience.

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