Exit Polls

Gather immediate feedback from your customers as soon as they exit your business.

Insight into your brand

Exit Polls

Exit polls can be designed to establish if the customer made a purchase during this visit and if they did, identify their thoughts on the product or service that you offer, as well as your pricing point and the level of service received by your front line teams. If the customer did not make a purchase during this visit, our onsite researcher will identify the reason why. This could be due to price, stock availability or the level of service received, which is all incredibly valuable feedback for the development of your business.

Why My View Research

At My View Research we carry out thousands of exit polls and our Research Consultants have the expertise to design an exit survey bespoke for the needs of your business. The survey could be for customer research or market research purposes, either way, the level of information gathered and the speed of delivery of the feedback is crucial to the value of the data output.


As well as gathering this data immediately from your customers, the data is only effective if it is provided to you within a short time-frame to allow you to review and create actionable changes with the information. After each exit poll is completed, our onsite researcher will submit the survey directly to our head office for a quality review. The survey will be quality checked and available on your online reporting portal within 48 hours of the exit poll taking place.

How useful would it be to your business if you received detailed feedback from your customers within 48 hours of their visit to your business? Talk to our team to explore how we can create a bespoke Exit Poll for your business!

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