inding out what a good care home looks like can help people make choices about their, or their relatives care. It can also help them understand what they should be able to expect from a service they may already use.

No person would actively explore a care home with no, or bad, reviews. Have you Googled your business? What does the internet say about your home?

It is so important to make sure you explore how you are perceived and understand what is being said about your business so you can either: make changes and provide additional internal training and support, or be aware of the great feedback and use that as a selling point to new residents.

Have you thought about conducting your own feedback proactively to be able to blog, share data, share stories, shout about the good, change the bad and let your teams know the feedback so they can be congratulated or receive further training to support them if they’re struggling?

What can you do?

Well, there’s many different solutions to gather feedback – the key is knowing your audience. Your residents may not to have access to a mobile phone or laptop, so the option with highest response would be using postal surveys to gather residents’ valuable feedback. Keep it simple, yes and no answers.

The relatives of residents may have access to more technology so could complete telephone surveys where a series of questions are asked with the option of adding some narrative behind their answers to maximise the response you receive.

Resident and Relative Feedback

What you do with the data

We can help you. All data will be presented to you in an easy and instantly usable format. You can then use that data to either promote the positives, ignite change using the negative feedback and generate training and/or support programmes to help your teams improve where needed.

Feedback allows business to become more proactive and therefore more appealing to the public. Using live feedback gives you the opportunity to become better or to use the internet to highlight your positive reviews and generate more business.

Now is the time to be listening to your families and taking any and all feedback on board to ignite the changes within your homes.

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