he indoor opening of pubs and restaurants from Monday 17 May has been eagerly anticipated. This means venues are permitted, under the next stage of the government roadmap out of lockdown, to offer indoor dining for groups of six people or two households.

Guidance stays in place

As businesses, the hospitality industry has arguably been harder hit than anyone else under Covid restrictions. It won’t be business as usual as customers have to comply with NHS test and trace rules, but it is another step on the road to the full easing of restrictions, allowing more people to enjoy a night out at your venue.

The right team

It’s not just a case of opening the doors, you need the right team to greet your diners. One of the emerging challenges with reopening is staffing, as venues are struggling to ensure they have enough people to run efficiently. Even when you do hire, how can you be sure you have the right staff for your business in the new normal? There are a variety of ways you can assess whether your team is delivering the high standards you and your customers expect.

Mystery shopping for dining

With so much change, the only way to be sure of customer experience is through feedback. Mystery Shopping can help deliver constructive feedback on how diners experience your venue. From the way customers are greeted, the choice of food, to the standard of waiting staff can all be part of a tailored set of criteria assessed for you. The resulting data is a great opportunity to make the adjustments and changes you need to ensure growth.

Customer surveys

Gathering detailed feedback directly from your customers is key to the development of your team and your business. Getting feedback quickly allows you to make real time change and is hugely valuable. It may feel scary but in fact the perception from the customers point of view is this is a restaurant that really cares about its diner experience

Staff surveys

You may decide that you want to hear how staff are finding working in your restaurant. What challenges do they face each day and what ideas do they have that can help you get the most out of your business and ensure each of your team is your personal brand ambassador? It’s well worth asking.

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