Market research describes the process of gathering information that will be used to confirm consumer’s needs. This is carried out in an organised specific way that should form part of the business strategy and enables companies to remain competitive. There are multiple ways to carry this out depending on what the business needs to discover.

Market Research consultancy

We have established what market research is but what does it mean to offer consultancy? A consultation indicates a conversation, a two-way process. This is vastly different from simply buying a product off the shelf, though what can happen is we are approached by a client asking for one of the range of market research services we offer. Where consultancy differs from straight sales is that there is a discovery process based on pertinent questioning to drill down into what they need. It is like asking for a spare tire when what you really need is your bike fixed.

Probing open questions must be asked to unpick what the issue or desire is for the business. This then leads to the right solution which will deliver the required outcome. For example, a client may come and say they need customer research in the form of surveys etc. BUT the problem really is that they do not know how their brand is perceived by the clients. Once they get a handle on that, they may then move forward with customer research. Market Research consultancy is therefore about developing a partnership, a positive communicative process rather than hard sell of products.

Some of the services we offer:

Customer Research

A straightforward aspect of market research that is focused on obtaining information from your customers. Exit polls, surveys, customer panels, there are multiple ways to engage with your customers.

Mystery Shopping

This is an important strand of the customer research solutions we offer. Whether you are selling products or services online or face to face, mystery shopping offers huge benefits for customer focused businesses.

Employee Research

How does this help you generate more sales and find out about your consumer’s needs? It doesn’t necessarily but what it can achieve is to gather information from the people that are pushing the company forward. It has value in ascertaining essential information about your team and what needs to happen for them to focus on the business

Brand Research

We have talked about the importance of brand for businesses before. This is not about what you sell, it is how people feel when they encounter your business. A good brand has the power to tell a story and resonate with its customers. There are 2 ways that we look at this for you, from the point of view of the customer and how your brand works internally.

Online Review Management

Increasingly a critical part of business now that must be maintained. We understand how important online visibility is and that you need to react quickly to reviews so we have a solution that helps you keep on top of reviews.

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