The customer is always on a journey. Sometimes that journey is not a pleasant one and can cause distrust, for brand reputation to be damaged, and for a customer to turn away completely from the brand. In other cases, it is a completely harmonious and comfortable journey, where all aspects of the process are understood, quick and effective, and leaves all parties happy. Obviously, every business wants the customer journey to be the latter, and consistent across all customer journeys, but with the development of a customer journey map, you can begin to understand an accurate picture and look at areas you might need to improve upon.

You may consider that a customer journey is a simple one; they see that your business is offering a service or product that they like, they come to you to buy it, you provide that service or product, and that’s it. In truth there are many different factors to a customer’s journey, from well before the actual transaction where they purchase a product or service from you, and even into post-sale care that the best companies offer as standard.

You want to ensure that your customers have a good experience every single time that they come to you. That they understand what your brand is, what it is you offer, and that no matter which employee they talk to when interacting with your company, that they have the same, pleasing experience. This consistency should be the same whether your customers are interacting with you on social media platforms, are purchasing from a till in one of your physical stores, ordering over the phone, or leaving a complaint.

How to Create a Customer Journey Map

There is good reason why a business might want to look into customer journey mapping, and the team here at My View understand how to help it maximise your company processes and brand image. With an accurate journey map, you can begin to understand the different points that customers interact with your business. It helps a business to focus on the specific needs and desires of customers at these various points, and whether the journey is logical and functional in its current format. From here, your business has all of the information it requires to make any necessary changes. For some businesses it might only require a little change to the sales process or including a post-sale survey to look after customers and build long-term relationships.

Understanding the Customer Journey

Customer feedback and putting together a clear map of the customer journey is an important way of understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your company. With My View, you have access to a team of experts in the field. We can assist you in putting together an accurate customer journey map that will help you significantly improve the customer experience over time. For more information you can contact us today on 0770 4076 699, email or fill out our simple contact form and we’ll contact you at the most suitable time for you.