e’ve all adapted the way we do business during the COVID-19 pandemic. Prior to lockdown, some businesses made instore appointments with their clients and of course that came to a halt. The world has however found innovative ways to stay in touch and utilize such platforms as Zoom and Microsoft Teams for video calls. With restrictions slowly lifting, some businesses will continue to use these platforms to interact with clients but will need to measure how successful this is. Virtual mystery shopping captures the entire process and produces reporting that relays the appointment experience. The beauty of using this method is not only do you receive detailed reports, but the interaction is recorded so companies can see exactly how well their team member performs.

Telephone Mystery Shopping

Although many businesses have been operating up till now with a reduced team, they have still needed to offer a telephone service to keep in touch with their customers. These team members on the frontline have kept businesses moving and many have been able to operate full call centers with teams working from home. Given how important this initial contact is, it’s imperative that your team is representing your brand in the right way and therefore telephone mystery shopping assignments can be vital to measure how well your frontline team do. This is a bespoke approach based on what it is you would like to measure. The client ends up with not just a report of the mystery shop but also an audio recording of the conversation that they can listen to.

Online Mystery Shopping

The internet has provided a much-needed lifeline for businesses during the pandemic. Online presence has been incredibly important during the last decade but now it’s absolutely critical that businesses have a strong online representation of their brand. In many instances with customers not able to call or physically visit a business, the only means of communication has been through their website. This means business owners must ensure website enquiries are responded to in a thorough and timely manner. Using online mystery shopping is a great way to see how well your team are performing in providing information following customers’ requests. Screen captures show communication sent and received as well as a report built with the client to provide the information they want measured.

Social Media Mystery Shopping

Another facet of online business is of course companies’ social media platforms. Many people now use businesses social media pages to ask questions or raise issues they have, so you need to be sure that enquiries and complaints are responded to and actioned. Devising a social media mystery shopping program allows a business to measure the quality of the responses and how quickly they are taken care of. Once again Social Media mystery shopping will provide screen captures of the communication sent and received on the platform, plus reports available to the client on the online reporting platform within two to three days of the mystery shop taking place.

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