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What is video mystery shopping?

Also known as covert mystery shopping, video mystery shopping is an evidence based in-person mystery shopping method. Specialist video mystery shoppers use a covert body worn camera to film the interaction between themselves and the relevant staff member. The recorded footage is provided along with a written feedback report, to allow for evidence-based training and feedback.

Regardless of your industry, the effective use of covert cameras will help your front-line teams see exactly how they interact with your customers. By utilizing covert video mystery shops, you can show both the individuals’ strengths and any areas that need improvement, which in turn allows the individual to see for themselves exactly what they’re doing and the opportunity to improve.

What are the benefits of video mystery shopping?

Video mystery shopping allows for supporting evidence to accompany the mystery shoppers written feedback. When used as a training and feedback tool, it allows the individual mystery shopped not only to read the feedback provided by the mystery shopper, but to watch the recorded interaction to allow them to see how they interacted with that customer and the elements of the sales or service process that were done well or potentially not done at all.

Video mystery shopping can also be the least contested method of mystery shopping, as the supporting video evidence shows exactly what happened during that staff member and customer interaction. Mystery shopping without the video evidence can be open to challenge as the feedback provided by the mystery shopper can’t be substantiated, sometimes causing the individual mystery shopped to contest their overall score and the feedback given.

Video mystery shopping providers

My View Research is a UK based multi-channel research agency that specialises in video mystery shopping, as well as offering other mystery shopping methods. Using the latest HD covert video recording equipment, our mystery shoppers can pose as a customer, or potential customer, and covertly record the interaction between themselves and the relevant staff member to allow for evidence-based training and feedback.

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