Surveys, do we really want to know what our staff and customers really think? In an ever-changing market, there is no room for companies to get complacent either in the day to day running of the business or how their brand is perceived. It is critical to receive current feedback for continued success and we can tailor solutions for you to meet that need.

Employee surveys

The employee satisfaction survey, cue audible gulps but don’t be put off. Rather than the can of worms it may appear to be, it could in fact be the key to increasing profit. People at the coalface arguably know more about the day to day running than the MD so successful companies listen to suggestions from their staff. You will encourage a culture of ideas and communication that will pay dividends.


This can be the heart of the business where you distribute your product and have visibility of your sales. Is it working as efficiently as it could be? Stock control and waste are massive hidden costs for companies that eat into profits. The team that work there day to day could have innovative solutions that would work better than the current system.

Administrative Systems

The way that a business is run from accounting systems to procurement and sales all take time and people power. Are you utilizing every method and available technology to enable these systems to work efficiently? Feedback from the team could provide value and help to curb the hidden cost of poor productivity.

Customer surveys

Voice of the customer surveys are a market research technique designed to gain feedback from current, past or lost customers. These questionnaires and written style of survey allows for an in-depth analysis into the feedback provided, identifying key areas of focus for your business. You need to develop a relationship with your customer base that encourages sales.

What works well

It’s always nice to hear which elements of your business are doing well. We all like to hear what is working from the perspective of the customer. There may even be a surprising element that is appreciated more than you realised. We know that loyal, happy customers will provide free advertising by telling everyone how satisfied they were.

What could be improved

This is most definitely an opportunity not something to avoid reading. Our surveys give you the chance to react to an area of the business that needs improving before it becomes an issue. After all, in the same way customers will wax lyrical about what you do well, they will tell everyone they meet about a bad experience.

Brand perception

There is what you want your brand to stand for and how it is perceived. You’ve spent all that money dreaming up a concept discussing your message internally but if it’s not clear to the customer then you have a problem. Have you captured your customers’ attention in the right way? The best way to find out is directly from the customer.