ith the very challenging times behind us, everyone wants to be looking to the future. With this in mind, we need to be using the knowledge of the last year to improve all services.

Have you been speaking to your residents and their relatives to ask them how they found your homes handling of processes and their loved ones during the pandemic?

Now might be the time to ask the question – Are our families happy?

The Alzheimer’s Society recently posted an article about the impacts of the Coronavirus on residents in care homes and suggested that there has been a decline in mental health. They have been impacted by friends and family not being able to visit and not always understanding why.

Everyone wants to feel safe when they live in your homes and if there is a small detail that stops your residents feeling that way, then surely you would want to know. Equally, if there is something that your residents or their families think your homes or teams did well during the pandemic, why not use that feedback to promote your homes above others?

Resident and Relative Feedback

How do you gather feedback?

At My View Research we can gather feedback through a variety of different methods. We can focus on relative surveys and use either an online questionnaire or a telephone (CATI) survey to gather the feedback. The surveys conducted by telephone will be managed by a team of researchers who will make outbound calls to the families and gather any feedback they have.

Resident feedback may be gathered by the same means, but we know some of your residents may not have access to telephones or computers. To cater to this, paper questionnaires can be sent into your homes for residents to fill in and send back.

All feedback will be gathered and presented onto a unique platform for your home to review and use the feedback to see where changes need to be made, or where your homes performed well.

Now is the time to be listening to your families and taking any and all feedback on board to ignite the changes within your homes.

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