Property Industry Video Mystery Shopping

Reports suggest that house prices in the UK are set to rise 3.5% a year between 2022 and 2024. They also suggest that more homes will be sold in 2021 than any other year since 2007.

Due to the nature of more working from home and flexible working arrangements, it has been suggested that this will drive sales of properties with more room to better accommodate working from home.

Despite this strong market, customer experience is still an important factor. The property industry will benefit from more buyers, but the industry still needs to pay attention to service levels to make the most gains.

This is a very buoyant property market; make sure your team are fully prepared.

Why do Mystery Shopping in this buoyant market?

Your front-line team will still need to make sure they are managing enquires professionally. They will have more customer enquiries, but how do they make sure they carry out the correct fact-finding analysis to establish the buyers that are in the best position to proceed?

After carrying out a Mystery Shopping programme, your managers will need to make sure that they use the information to maximise the investment with debriefing and coaching. Alternatively, you can outsource this team development initiative to organisations like My View Research.

As we say to many of the brands that we work with:

“The value is not in the data analysis that we provide, but what you do with that data is what counts!”