fter almost 4 months the shops are finally open!

It’s not just the chance to browse through goods, the shops reopening is a positive step forward in the government’s roadmap out of lockdown. Alongside gyms and hairdressers, shops finally opening feels like a slice of normality. But the reopening won’t come without its challenges, there are still a great many people who are nervous about physically setting foot onsite. So how will shops cater for their customers in this new climate? We know that we still have to be cautious in the reopening and ensure on-site safety of shoppers, but retailers badly need the footfall and injection of cash to get their businesses moving again.

Onsite Mystery Shopping

The best way for retailers to check that their premises meet customers’ needs in the post covid landscape is to report on the experience. Mystery shopping can play a vital role in ensuring shops are physically set out in accordance to latest government guidance. Mystery shoppers can come on site and check such details as signage, one-way systems to help shoppers navigate on site and the presence of hand sanitizer. They can check to see whether retailers have allocated staff in place both to guide customers and to help reassure them of safety. A mystery shopper could assess the signage around trying on clothes or look at the social distancing around the tills. This is a process that could empower businesses to move forward in the new normal by putting a fresh set of eyes on how customers experience their store.

A Bespoke Analysis

Continued success, especially in the current climate, and being able to measure how your team handle face-to-face enquiries with customers is important in maintaining not just your brand reputation, but also as part of your staffs training and development. So how does it work? You can tailor your approach so that the mystery shopper is focused on what it is you wish to check and find out. In retail, as with most businesses, it’s all about the customer, so a mystery shopper will be able to identify if your team are adhering to your sales process and adopting a customer first approach. Mystery shoppers can come at any time, or if it suits the retailer to understand how their team deal with specific appointed enquiries, then this can be carried out at a time that helps analysis of performance.

Detail in the data

The data that the client needs is set out as an assignment for the mystery shopper and following this assignment results in a detailed report or analysis per location, if your business covers multiple sites. If assignments take place across multiple sites or with different staff members, each report will be collated and available to view through an online reporting platform within 3 to 5 days of the mystery shop taking place. This allows retailers to get an honest unbiased view of how their team performs, which is especially pertinent during these first few cautious weeks.

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