The shopping landscape has changed perhaps forever. If you cannot order it and find out how it works online, then your product or service will become redundant. This is all about the customer experience on your website. Perhaps before it was just a place where you add items or a service to a basket, now the site will need to do much more for you. Customers will want a whole wealth of information if they are going to commit to buying something they have never seen or touched. They will want reviews, real comments on what to execute, technical information, 360 photos from every angle.

The only way to be sure on the customer experience is to use an online mystery shopper. They can find out how well their questions are answered either via a chat box or by the data they find online. How easy is it to navigate around your site? Are the delivery terms clear? Was it easy to follow up if there was a query on delivery? You can tailor what they report on depending on what you want to find


You know when you order something from a photo and when it arrives its significantly smaller than imagined? Are you clear enough in providing dimensions? Is the image of your product reflective of what it looks like in real life? Is your customer able to find this product quickly when searching your site? There are so many questions you can have answered through the online mystery shopping process.


This is something you really need to make sure you are transparent on. It is more challenging than a product because if what the customer gets is not 100% spelled out then they may have grounds to voice that they are not happy or demand a refund. Nobody wants negative reviews although, we can help you manage those too. This is about meeting the customers’ needs so they feel when they are buying online it is obvious what they are purchasing in a service.

Online shopping

Now there is almost no other kind. With all but essential shops closed for the foreseeable future, if you can’t translate what you do to the online space then you are in trouble as a business. For some that was already in place and they are fine tuning their offer for others it’s time to adapt and pivot. This impacts small businesses predominantly, as we know the bigger ones such as Amazon have seen a huge surge in demand. Smaller businesses have had to get creative on what it is they needed to change to move fully online.

What can mystery shopping do for your business?

This is a chance to hear feedback from a neutral party on the experience of using your business online. No matter how well we think our business is structured, there may just one or two elements that need addressing, Mystery shopping gives you the opportunity to sort issues before they become real ones.