Measure every touch point of your customer’s journey by replicating a real customer enquiry and identify how well your team achieve a ‘Customer-First’ approach. Mystery Shopping is an effective tool that will provide you with detailed feedback on the level of customer service being provided by your team.

At My View Research we have a national team of experienced Mystery Shoppers with a broad range of customer profiles, that fit most required customer demographics.

Several Mystery Shopping options are available to measure different customer touch points across your business:

Onsite Mystery Shopping

Measuring how well your team handles face-2-face enquiries with your prospective customer’s is invaluable to their training and development. Onsite mystery shopping can effectively identify how well each team member adheres to following your sales process, the level of customer service they provide and if they are adopting a ‘Customer-First’ approach.

Telephone Mystery Shopping

Measuring a customer enquiry by phone allows you to identify if, and how well, your team are qualifying each customer, capturing their contact details and offering an appointment to visit your business, if relevant. Telephone mystery shops can be audio recorded if there is a business requirement to do so.

Online Mystery Shopping

How many of your website enquiries may go unanswered or get lost in the system? Having a regular online mystery shopping programme in place, will allow you to measure how many enquiries are being responded to as well as measuring the speed, quality and accuracy of each response.

Social Media Mystery Shopping

A considerable amount of people now use social media to ask questions or make a complaint to a business. If this is the case with your business, are all enquiries or complaints being responded to and how well are they being dealt with? Having a regular social media mystery shopping programme in place will allow you to measure how many enquiries and complaints are being responded to, as well as measuring the speed, quality and accuracy of each response.

Talk to our team to find out how we can develop a bespoke mystery shopping programme for your business and unlock valuable insight from your prospective customers.