Mystery Shopper knowledge base

Mystery Shopper KPIs

Below are the KPI’s in which you must abide by:

1. When applying for work, you must specify the date in which you plan to complete the assignment. If this date changes, then you must notify the project manager at your earliest convenience so the portal can be updated.

2. Once you have completed an assignment, you must submit the results on the portal within 24 hours for telephone and online mystery shops and within 48 hours for physical onsite mystery shops. If you foresee a problem with this, please notify the relevant project manager.

3. If you are no longer able to complete any assignments you have been allocated, then you must return it to us so we can allocate to another mystery shopper. Do not just keep it on your assignments list.

4. If a project manager chases you for an update and there is no response from you on their third attempt, the assignment will automatically be removed from you.

5. Do not apply for any work you have no intention of completing. If we start to see a pattern of this behaviour, we will remove you from our database. Our main objective is ‘Communication’. We will always do our upmost to communicate with you, all we ask is that you do the same in return.

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