There are many different methods of market research and the best method for your business will be determined by your desired data output. With any market research project, we would always recommend starting with what information are you looking to establish and working back from there. Once you know what data and information you are looking for, a market or customer research agency will be able to design a bespoke programme to fulfil the needs of your business.

If you are looking to carry out market research to gather feedback on an idea or a new product or service, customer surveys or customer panels may give you your desired data output. You can interview your current database of customers or, if you are a start-up or looking to target a different customer demographic, then you can use an agency’s existing customer panel database.

Below is a breakdown of some of the different options for gathering marketing research insight:


Market Research Methods:

Telephone Surveys

Carrying out surveys via telephone allows for a more in-depth review of your customers feedback. As well as yes/no and multiple-choice questions, a telephone survey can focus on each question in more detail to ascertain the source of the customers observation on a particular subject.

Telephone Surveys, also known as CATI Surveys (computer-assisted telephone interviewing), is a telephone surveying technique used to establish detailed feedback from your current, past or lost customers.

Each telephone survey is developed bespoke for clients, based on their research criteria and expectation of the analysis and data output.


Market Research Methods

Online Surveys

Online surveys, also known as Voice of the Customer (VoC) surveys, are a market research technique designed to establish verbatim feedback from current, past or lost customers. This questionnaire and written style of survey allows for in-depth analysis into the feedback provided, identifying keys areas of focus for your business.

Online surveys are the best way to target a large audience to establish key trends and feedback on how well you deliver your product or service to the end-user. Using online surveys, you are able to clearly define your audience demographic for each particular survey type.

Online surveys typically consist of both qualitative and quantitative research steps. These surveys can be used during your customers lifecycle, to better understand their wants and needs, after a sale has been completed, to gather feedback, or prior to the launch of a new product or service to obtain key input and feedback from your target audience.

Each online survey is developed bespoke for clients, based on their research criteria and expectation of the analysis and data output.


Market Research Methods

Customer Panels

Customer Panels are a great approach to gathering in depth research from your prospective or current customers. You may be launching a new product or service and need to carry out market research, or you may wish to gather insight from your current customers on the level of service being provided, or the quality of your service or product.

You may already have your own list of participants who can take part in your market research panels, but if you don’t, My View Research has a broad demographic of customers profiles that can used for different research projects.

Customer Panels can be carried out in a number of different ways to best suit the requirements of the data output and also the profile of your target audience.

If you are looking to carry out market research to establish the level of customer service that your team are providing, the above methods can also work for this as well as mystery shopping.


Market Research Methods

Mystery Shopping

Measure every touch point of your customer’s journey by replicating a real customer enquiry and identify how well your team achieve a ‘Customer-First’ approach. Mystery Shopping is an effective tool that will provide you with detailed feedback on the level of customer service being provided by your team.

At My View Research we have a national team of experienced Mystery Shoppers with a broad range of customer profiles, that fit most required customer demographics.

Several Mystery Shopping options are available to measure different customer touch points across your business.

What Our Clients Say…

‘I have been working with the My View Research team for almost a year and they manage a number of telephone surveys for us. It is crucial for us that the telephone researchers come across as professional, knowledgeable, interested and caring – our customers must see these calls as a positive part of our service which matches our own brand values. I have been very impressed with My View Research; they are lovely people to work with and have handled every new task (however complex) very professionally. We have worked together to improve the quality of feedback and they achieve very good response rates and excellent depth of detail in their survey responses. I have recently recommended them to another part of the business and I have total confidence in them providing the service needed. Thank you for all your hard work.’

Suzanne Vickery, Customer Experience Project Manager | Knight Frank

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