What is a consultancy?

A market research consultancy differs from the more traditional concept of market research carried out by phone or face to face on the high street. A consultancy offers a professional service delivering expert advice on market research. It really is a buyers’ market and with companies having a presence across multiple social media platforms as well their website, they need to be evolving with their target market. A consultancy should offer expertise that will improve performance and efficiency of a business. To deliver successful solutions that work for clients, a consultancy must have a proven track record in market research. The team at My View Research have over 17 years’ experience enabling them to offer a superior consultancy service that covers all facets of business.

How we deliver solutions

We carry out specific targeted research agreed through a consultation process with you. We then produce reports and analysis that allow you to make informed strategic business decisions. Our job is to collect meaningful data for you in specific areas defined through our consultancy. It could be to measure the effectiveness of your social media strategies, or to look at a product or service and gather data on your target market or its viability. We focus our service on four main areas for research:

Customer Research

Mystery Shopping – replicate a real customer scenario and measure any touchpoint that a customer can interact with your business.
Customer Surveys – telephone or online qualitative or quantitative customer surveys.
Customer Panels – with options for online, 1 to 1 or focus groups.
Exit Polls – talk to your customers immediately after their interaction and as they are leaving your premises.
Online Review Management – tracks, monitors and helps you improve online reviews.



Employee Research

We can put together employee panels either online, in groups, or on a 1 to 1 basis to provide you with in-depth research of your team, giving you valuable insight into your corporate culture or structure. It might be you prefer a more hands-off approach so an employee survey might work better for you. Asking staff face to face how they feel about their employment may not produce realistic information so an overall general picture could be the answer.

Brand Research

Brand is so important so giving some real focus to what your business stands for can be very powerful. Our Brand Standards Audits gather data from a variety of sources within the business to ensure all areas are meeting expectation. A Brand Perception Survey will focus externally on gaining insight from your customers. We know that for the foreseeable future COVID-19 is not going away so to ensure you can continue trading, our COVID-19 Compliance Audits will check that your business is following the latest scientific advice.

Market Research

What do we mean by Quantitative and Qualitative Research Surveys? Qualitative looks at thoughts, trends and opinions, quantitative is the method used to gather numbers and data. We tailor this approach depending on what our clients need to move their business forward.

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