Make the most of your customer surveys

Customer surveys are a great way to get a better understanding of how your customers feel about your business and its services. By finding out how often they use your products or services, what they like and dislike, and what could be improved, you can make more informed decisions to enhance customer satisfaction. Here are five tips to help you make the most of customer surveys.

Customer survey tips

Define Your Goals.

Before you start designing, deploying and analysing the results of customer surveys, it’s important to have clear goals in mind. Defining your objectives will help you create a survey that is focused and relevant and that yields actionable data. Your goals may include gathering customer feedback on product features or user interfaces, collecting market research data to shape new product development or exploring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Ask Clear-Cut Questions.

Your questions should be direct and unambiguous, so customers can answer quickly and accurately. Avoid asking vague or open-ended questions that can yield a wide array of responses — instead, present a set of predefined answers from which customers can choose, or offer click rates or ratings scales. Additionally, provide two or three optional “other” categories where respondents can enter their own comments or observations.

Use A Simple Design and Formatting.

A good survey design can make a real difference in increasing response rate and ensuring the accuracy of responses. Passport surveys are visually simple, easy to navigate, and require minimal scrolling. Additionally, consider using language that is easily understood by customers, without any industry jargon or technical terminology.

Analyse the Results and Take Action Immediately.

Once your customer survey is complete, it is essential to analyse the results and take action as soon as possible. Be sure to look for recurring themes from customer responses so that you can address key issues or areas of improvement. Also consider tracking the response rate for each question, in order to see which questions customers responded most favourably to and then use that information to inform future customer surveys.

Make Sure to Follow Up On Outstanding Requests Promptly.

It’s important that any requests made in the customer survey are handled promptly. If customers have asked for a response or resolution to a specific issue, make sure to follow up quickly as this will demonstrate your company’s commitment to customer service. Consider creating an automated email response that is sent out once the survey has been completed, with a link to contact you directly should they have further questions or need assistance.

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