Much of business tends to focus on your customers to drive sales forward but is it now time to focus on your team? Whilst we are still adjusting to the new normal as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, businesses are beginning to feel the impact. Some have already had to make difficult decisions at the start of lockdown in terms of which of their team to furlough, now that the scheme is potentially coming to an end there may be more tough choices ahead. The market, the way we work and how companies coped during challenging circumstances has no doubt caused everyone to assess their team. Sadly, some businesses have already had to make difficult decisions to survive but how do you evolve your team to move forward?

No ‘I’ in Team

It is likely you are currently examining your brand because you will need to evolve to cope with a challenging economy. Do you have the right people in place to drive that forward? How do you get them onboard with your vision? To get the most out of your team you need to focus on who they are and perhaps take a holistic approach. The COVID-19 pandemic and the adjustments to ways of working that it has forced upon us, has directed the gaze outwards at staff. Instead of just their role, employers have looked at homelife, personal circumstances and in the case of redundancies, who really offers the most. It has presented a unique opportunity to ask what is it that individuals offer and what pressures do they feel in and outside of work that are barriers to development.

Employee Surveys

Much like our customer surveys and mystery shopping scoring, we can provide similar tools for employee satisfaction surveys. If this is framed well, rather than a platform for grievances, then it is a chance to find out more about your team, how they see the company and the brand and what they could suggest in terms of better working practices. This could cultivate ideas and changes to systems that will improve efficiency and drive sales.

What happens after the survey?

What we do well at My View Research is collate all the data into meaningful simple charts that show results and scores, giving our clients something to work with. This is about detailed analysis, looking at the trends in the data and providing insight on those. It means that we can relay the findings to your HR or management team and give you outcomes that are actionable. We can provide consultancy for your staff and give you the tools to really engage and incentivize them. This can work well if you carry out your staff surveys initially then based on the findings, carry them out again following implemented changes. This enables you to measure improvement and upwards trends in the right areas. At My View Research every survey and report are individually tailored, providing the answers you need to drive the business forward.

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