The coronavirus is creating complications for many businesses. With few people wanting to leave their homes or visit public places, businesses are experiencing a notable drop in footfall and sales.

The health and safety of employees and customers is the highest priority, which is resulting in businesses having to temporarily close, require employees to work from home, or take other actions outside of their normal business practises.

With that said, businesses do need to consider the long-term effects of changing business operations and cutting costs. Ideally you don’t want to make such severe changes that impact your quality and customer service, which may be noticed by your customers later down the line.

Within this current period of scaling down your operations or workforce, is the perfect opportunity to evaluate the level of service you are providing your customers, or carry out research as to why you may have lost customers or lost out on sales opportunities.

Telephone customer satisfaction surveys (CSI surveys) are a valuable way of communicating with your customers to establish detailed feedback on a topic of your choice. Telephone surveys can be utilised for market research purposes, to gather insight from your customers, or to identify the quality of your product or service and the level of customer service that you and your team provide.

The data output from this activity will create actionable areas of focus and improvement within your business, and valuable feedback to provide to your team.

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Madelaine Cook

Founder & Managing Director

My View Limited