Customer service is still at the forefront of everyone’s mind, even during these unprecedented times. How businesses cope with fewer staff members and social distancing measures will have an impact on the level of service they deliver to their customers.  

Pre COVID-19, many businesses had customer experience (cx) programmes in place to measure the level of service their team were providing to their customers. These programmes ranged from mystery shopping assessments to online surveys, telephone customer satisfaction surveys and customer panels 

Now that retail businesses are open, how will customer service be measured taking into account the social distancing guidelines 

While the same volume of face-2-face mystery shopping may not be feasible immediately after lock-down, a reduced number of onsite mystery shops would be useful to identify how your locations and team members are adhering to the social distancing guidelines. Your mystery shopping criteria can be adapted to fit with the new structure of your sales process, which will have been modified to fit with the government’s guidelines. 

While face-2-face mystery shopping may not be carried out in the same quantity in the immediate future, telephone and online mystery shopping can continue as normal to measure customer experience via these communication methods.  

At My View some of our retail clients are offering video appointments to their customers to allow them to virtually view the car, home or kitchen they are interested in purchasing. This process can be seamlessly integrated into a telephone or online enquiry mystery shop, to allow our assessors to measure as much of the sales process as possible.  

To find out more about how My View can design a suitable customer experience programme for your business amid COVID-19, contact us  and a member of our team will be in touch. 


Madelaine Cook 

CEO & Founder 

My View Limited