How to Conduct a Successful Telephone Mystery Shop

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The aim of every telephone mystery shop is to test the sales process put in place by our clients, as well as the level of customer service provided, at each of their locations. These calls can be to businesses such as car dealers, property developers, estate agents, or retail stores to name a few, but the key component to this is that you come across as a credible customer. With this in mind, we have outlined how to conduct a successful telephone mystery shop:

1. Be prepared for each call. This includes having all of your contact details to hand, along with any client requirement questions you need to ask.

2. Ensure your address and telephone number given match the location/area you are calling. You can use your mobile number when you are asked for contact details if you don’t live in the area.

3. Do not lead the conversation, the aim is for the sales advisor to lead the process. Only ask questions if they are required as part of the assignment scenario.

4. Do not record your calls on other devices to use as your recorded upload, this often leads to poor quality of call and difficultly listening to them. Use our recording software.

5. Do not record the call while you are on speaker as this creates an echo.

6. Do not pause or say ‘umm’ when you are asked for your contact details. Real customers know this information and give it straight away.

7. Do not have lots of paperwork in front of you and go through them when you are on the phone, the sound can be picked up on recordings.

8. Each call requires 3 attempts on 3 different days before you can submit the assignment as complete. If you are unable to speak to anyone on your first attempt, try again the following day.

9. Please read each assignment brief thoroughly before attempting the call. If you are unsure of anything, please contact the relevant Project Manager.

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