o it seems that freedom day is to be delayed once more. We had such a positive roadmap out of lockdown that this week’s news was a disappointment. It was a huge blow to the entertainment industry, nightclubs, theatres and everyone else that is indirectly affected. But even if you’re not part of those industries, it’s extremely difficult not to feel the collective blow to our psyche. The impact on our mental health over the last 18 months has been huge. How important is it to ensure that morale stays high when there is setback after setback?

Mental Health

In the last few years, mental health has become so much more recognised and on equal footing as physical health. Add in a global pandemic, homeschooling, remote working plus salary sacrifice or furlough; suddenly what affected a handful of people has in fact become an issue for many workers now. What we do know now is that the mental health and morale of your team is critical. Finding out how they feel is an essential part of maintaining your business in its current form and rebuilding as you go forward.

How Employers can support Mental Health

Employers have a duty of care for their employees so what can they do to safeguard mental health and lessen feelings of isolation?

There are still points of communication and contact with each other but how do you assess your team’s mentality when your people are physically and emotionally fragmented due to covid? There are of course online platforms that have helped keep communication open during this crisis and limited opportunities to meet or work together in person. If you have a big team however this will not be enough to find out how they really feel.

Using surveys for your team

Whereas in the past conducting surveys on staff and finding out about your employee experience might have seemed indulgent, it is now essential to understand how they feel as part of your business. If we imagine a house represents your business then it’s very foundation is built on your team. They might be feeling a rollercoaster of emotions and uncertainty around your business that you just won’t know without asking. This is an example of some questions you could ask:

● How do you feel about returning to work post Covid?

● What changes do you feel we need to make in the business going forward?

● Do you feel supported in your role?

● Is it clear who you need to approach at work if you are struggling?

Bespoke Approach

Clearly your business will have its own wants and needs to achieve its goals. That is why our employee surveys are bespoke and tailored to the outcomes the businesses seek. What is clear now is that investing in your people and drilling down into how they feel is not a luxury spend, it is a critical aspect of progressing in the new normal. The businesses that are ready to evolve and adapt will be those that move forward post covid.