4 Ways to Interact with Your Customers on Get to Know Your Customers Day!

Get to Know Your Customers Day started launched in the U.S. and takes place every year on the third Thursday of January, April, July, and October. Businesses need to go the extra mile to make sure their customer’s feel valued and dedicate time to developing a strong relationship with them. Customers are the lifeline of any business so setting aside four days each year to get to know them, rather than just one or two, highlights the importance of making the relationship with your customers a priority.

Whilst the origin of Get to Know Your Customers Day is unknown, the significance of its purpose is fully understood. Businesses thrive and grow on repeat custom and recommendations, Get to Know Your Customers Day is the quarterly reminder that prompts companies to understand the needs and opinions of their customers.

Multiple studies clearly link a business’ success to the experience and loyalty of its customers. Customer behaviour is driven by both positive and negative experiences. Customers who experience excellent service are loyal to a brand, service, or business, whereas a bad customer experience will lead not only to the loss of that customer but can also damage your company’s reputation in today’s digital world, where customers are more likely to share their negative experiences online.

It is commonly known that customers are more likely to take their business elsewhere due to poor service rather than price. The following statistics are from customers who have experienced poor service:


47% will stop buying from a company


91 % will stop buying from a company without complaining.


76% believe it’s easier now to take your business to a competitor.


62% will share their bad experience with others.

Below are 4 ways to get to know your customers and to gather feedback on their experience with your frontline teams, product, or service:

Get to know your customers through Customer Feedback

Customer Surveys

Telephone and Online Surveys, also known as CATI Surveys and Voice of the Customer, allow you to gather qualitative and quantitative feedback from your customers. Find out how we can provide detailed feedback from your customers within 7 days of the date of their transaction with your business.

Talk to your customers!

Focus Groups

The most effective research is talking to your customers directly. Focus Groups, also known as Customer Panels, allow you to gather qualitative research from your prospective or current customers. View our options for customer panels –
What are your customers saying about you?

Online Review Management

What are your customers saying about you online? In today’s digital age customers are far more vocal about their experiences on social media and review websites. They are also far more likely to vocalise their bad experiences rather than the good ones. Tracking online feedback about your business from multiple sources will allow you to address any negative feedback you receive. Find out how we gather this feedback and your online review score –
Talk to your customers!

Rate My Service

Allowing customers to provide feedback on their experience with your business is invaluable to the development of your team, products and services. The ease of ability to provide this feedback is essential to promoting a high level of interaction with your

feedback methods. Find out how you can rate your service and create a ‘Customer-First’ culture –

The more you know about your customers, the better the customer experience!

Find out more about our Customer Research solutions at www.myviewresearch.com, or talk to one of our Research Consultants to find out how we can support your business with creating your bespoke 2022 customer research strategy.