Employee Panels

Employee panels are a great way to measure how engaged employees are in their jobs. They’re also a good tool for managers to use when trying to understand why employees aren’t performing at their best.

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What Are Employee Panels?

An employee panel is a great method of gathering feedback from your team. It can reveal information about job satisfaction, work/life balance, work environment and other topics related to employee engagement.

Why Do Companies Use Them?

There are several reasons why companies use employee panels. First, they provide first-hand feedback of how employees feel about their jobs. Second, they give managers insight into what’s going well at work and what needs improvement. Third, they help companies identify areas where they need to improve. Finally, they allow companies to track changes over time.

A company can use an employee panel to gather feedback from its employees about how well it’s doing at providing a positive workplace culture. This helps companies improve their business practices and make better decisions about hiring, training, and promoting staff.

How Can You Measure Their Effectiveness?

Companies often use employee panels as part of their annual performance reviews. Managers can ask questions such as “How satisfied are you with your job?” or “What do you think your manager does well?” These questions will help managers understand whether their employees are happy with their jobs.

At My View Research we can find out what employees think about their company culture, management style, and other aspects of their workplace and present all results on our portal and app.

How Do They Work?

There are a number of ways to conduct employee panels to best suit the requirements of the data output:

  • Panels can be online (virtual panels) this allows companies to collect data without having to send staff members to a central location.
  • Employee Focus Groups, bring together typically up to 10 employees to discuss chosen topics.
  • One-2-One Panels, an in-person interview style of research to gather in depth insight.

What Should You Look for in an Employee Panel?

There are several things to consider when choosing an employee panel provider. First, make sure that the service offers an efficient reporting portal. Second, ensure that the service has a good reputation. Third, check whether the service provides training for its clients. Finally, ask how the service handles sensitive questions.

My View Research will work with you to gather a comprehensive understanding or your employee research. Our employee panels are beneficial to establishing detailed input from your team that can create actionable insights for your business.


Speak to one of our Research Consultants at My View Research to find out how we can design a bespoke employee panel solution for your business.

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