Customer Service – Empowering your team

Are your teams engaged when it comes to making improvements in your business? Do you engage your customer facing teams in customer service improvement initiatives?

Some of you might remember a television programme in the 70’s, early eighties, ‘Citizen Smith’ a BBC television sitcom, many of you won’t. It starred Robert Lindsay as Wolfie, set in Tooting London. Wolfie went around shouting ‘Power to The People’ I’m sure this had no reference or anything to do with Customer Service, or improving the Customers Experience but it was funny, well it was at the time.

But ‘Power to The People’ when it comes to customer service and improving customer experience, wouldn’t be a bad idea. What people? Well, your customers, your team, and your suppliers.

If you were to focus on your team, what could they bring to the table concerning improvements in customer service? It might be best for them to tell you what areas could be improved, or should they keep it amongst themselves, talk about it outside work, or, and this would be damaging, share the failings of the company’s customer service with your customers. Has that ever happened to you? I think at some point this has happened at least once to everybody.

Well it has to me. I travel a lot on business, and I use a certain type of public transport on a regular basis. I got to know the team, they got to know me, and what do you think they used to share with me, yep, the issues regarding the company they worked for. This wasn’t just a one-off, it was on a regular basis.

How would you feel if that happened in your business? If your team complained to the customers about the business and how it operates? As a customer experience improvement consultant, I was horrified.

So, back to ‘Citizen Smith’ ‘Power to The People’! If you were to capture the power of your people, energise and direct that power for the benefit of your business, focusing them on improving customer service and your customer’s experience, do you think your customer experience levels would go up or go down? I think they might go up; I think they might go up a lot.

The best ideas come from your team members. But the great ideas come from team members that are empowered, working with other team members, prompting and encouraging each other to develop a way of working that not only is good for the business, but also works for them. Because it is their idea, you might find that they actually follow-through with it and achieve it. That would be a result wouldn’t it?

My View Research conducts workshop style employee focus groups that can energise your team to become part of the solution, not part of the problem. When team members take responsibility, get to have a say, and management listens to them, they are empowered to make significant changes in your business.

Empower your people, get them involved in improving your customer experience, let My View Research conduct your employee focus group workshops. As Citizen Smith said ‘Power to The People’

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