Gathering detailed feedback directly from your customers is invaluable to the development of your team and your business. Getting this feedback quickly, to allow you to make real time change, is even more valuable.

At My View we carry out thousands of online and telephone customer satisfaction surveys and our team have the expertise to design a customer survey bespoke for the needs of your business. The survey could be for customer research or market research purposes, either way, the level of information gathered and the speed of delivery of the feedback is crucial to the value of the data output.

After transacting with a customer, feedback ideally needs to be gathered within the next 7 days for the information to be effective. The longer the timeframe between transaction and gathering feedback, the less information individuals can retain to pass on for feedback and research purposes.



Customer Satisfaction Surveys (CSI)

Surveys to current customers can focus on feedback for a number of different areas. The most commonplace is feedback on the level of customer service that is being provided by your company, as well as pricing point and value for money. This survey can also be used for market research purposes, to obtain feedback from your customers on the launch of a new product or service.



Past Customer Surveys

Surveys to past customers is a valuable way to establish why a customer has stopped using your product or service. Their feedback could establish if it was as a result of poor customer service, no longer value for money or that they have found a better solution elsewhere. Identifying this information is invaluable to the longevity of your business and will enable you to focus on those key areas that are impacting your customer retention.



Lost Customer Surveys

Surveys to lost customers is powerful feedback for your sales and marketing team. Many of our client’s measure footfall or enquiries into their business, but how many of those actually turn into customers. If your ratio from footfall and enquiry to sale is lower than expected, a telephone survey to prospective customers may reveal why that might be. It could be due to the quality or cost of your product or service, or the level of knowledge and service provided by the salesperson.

Customer Feedback Surveys

Talk to our team to find out how we can develop a bespoke Customer Feedback Survey for your business and unlock valuable insight from your current, past or lost customers.