Brand awareness research can be conducted using different methods, however we believe that the most effective method is a group discussion environment, known as a focus group or customer panel.

Brand research

Methods for conducting brand awareness research

In a focus group environment, participants can interact, influence and be influenced, giving actionable insight into the participants knowledge of your brand, product, or service. The interaction between participants is critical to the success of the research. Participants can initiate discussion, debate and even arguments on the focus topic. Research has shown that individuals are more likely to talk about a particular topic in more detail if they are in discussion with other participants, than if they were to be interviewed directly.

Two methods for conducting brand awareness research are as follows:

Focus Groups

A focus group, also known as a group discussion or group depth interview, is a qualitative market research method that brings 8 – 12 participants together to provide feedback on a specific product, service, concept, or brand. Focus groups can take place either virtually with an online panel, or in a group meeting environment.

Brand Perception Surveys

Brand perception surveys help you understand how your brand is perceived in the mind of your customers and prospective customers. They create an opinion of your brand and how it is considered against your competitors, as well as help you understand who your customers are and what they expect from your brand.

Brand Research

Brand surveys are simple and effective. Customers with an opinion (both good and bad) can respond to targeted quantitative and qualitative questions as well as using reliable metrics such as the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Effort Score (CES). Areas of focus for your brand survey should include brand awareness, brand perception and brand value.


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